Hotspot: Beter & Leuk

Hotspot: Beter & Leuk

One of my favorite healthy (vegan) lunchrooms in Amsterdam of all times is Beter & Leuk. I’ve been drinking coffees, sipping juices and drooling over pies since ages. Since it’s located opposite my former university, I have a million excuses to sit my ass down in this cosy lunchroom. ???????????????????????????????Did somebody say Vegan High Tea? Yes, my bestie Merel and I enjoyed an scrumptious and completely vegan, refined sugar free high tea. Sounds too good to be true. Make sure you enter Beter & Leuk with an empty stomach, cause there is a great chance of leaving completely satisfied for about a week 😉

There is literally to much to chose from. Everything sounds, looks and smells SO good; you just have to order everything. Luckily we had an high tea so we didn’t have to chose anything.

The only thing we needed to do was sit back and relax the food feast. We chose fresh ginger & lemon tea (for our stomach) and we started with a fresh spinach-cucumber and apple juice.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????After this refreshing green juice, the plate with all the heavenly food came along. Buckle up guys.???????????????????????????????We got some lovely lentil-soup with pomegranate seeds, peas, carrots, pumpkin seeds & cilantro. I could have eaten three bowls of it.

In the background you can drool over some Filled Speculaas (which tasted very similar to my Filled Speculaas). Banana-date cake with banana and coconut and an Chocolate Letter Marzipan & Gojiberries. All the sweets were refined sugar-free and sweetened with dates or coconut blossom sugar.???????????????????????????????Another close-up won’t hurt your eyes;) ???????????????????????????????Do I need to say more???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Next to all this, we also had an Fruitsalad, a Lentilsalad with roasted autumn vegetables and a mustard dressing and a Beetsalad with rosemary, tyme and roasted walnuts.???????????????????????????????The life of food bloggers; pictures, food, pictures and food.

These vegan Speculaas scones on the counter caught my eye. If I had an stomach left, I would eat this right away.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Beter & Leuk is filled with lots of magazines, (vegan) cookbooks, lovely jewelry and comfy clothes to shop.???????????????????????????????In short, Beter & Leuk is the perfect cosy and healthy lunchroom where you can come in for a coffee and a piece of cake, but also for an extensive High Tea. Check their recent menu here . On sundays they have amazing sunday brunch in combination with yoga. (Still on my bucket-list)

Make sure you make a reservation for a Vegan High Tea. 

Beter & Leuk, we are FANS!

Love, Lisa

Beter en Leuk, 1e Oosterparkstraat 91 Amsterdam, 


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