Hotspot: Burgertrut & IloveArq

Hotspot: Burgertrut & IloveArq

Rotterdam is the second-largest city in the Netherlands and one of the largest ports in the world. It’s considered as a work city, with a beautiful industrial design. Despite the fact that my father was born here, I only visited Rotterdam twice in my life (shame on me).

So last weekend my bestie (Merel) and me, spent the weekend in Rotterdam. I surprised her with a night at the beautiful design hotel Mainport Hotel Rotterdam.

Mainport Harbour Kamer 2 groter

beeld: website Mainport hotel 

We arrived at 4 pm and decided to get an early dinner and relax afterwards in the Spa. I checked on Happycow for some vegan restaurants. Apparently we were very close to Burgertrut .

Burgertrut is a delicious hamburger restaurant with lots of tasty burgers with also a few vegan burgers. They also serve the dutch dish ‘kapsalon’. Perfect for a genius vegan hamburger and a good glass of wine. Oh and by the way, the prices were pretty good, only €6.75 for a decent and filling burger! IMG_0467

We chose the ‘For your Mouth Only Burger’ which was a vegan lentil, mushroom & olive burger with a mediteranean tomato sauce, radicchio & red onion (Lots of red onion;)

Oke, seriously both the BURGER and the SALAD were pretty AWESOME. The taste was perfect and it was not too salty. We thought about ordering another burger but we saved our appetite for some dessert (of course).



I checked the dessert menu, and my eyes spotted some Raw Vegan Cheesecake and a Choco Loco Bomb (which contained a bit of honey). But we were in a loose mood so we took one pie each. IMG_0479 IMG_0478

In short, Burgertrut is a must-go for those burgerlovers out there! Cheap, delicious and located right in the centre of Rotterdam. Sometimes you just need comfort food and these burgers will do just fine.

They don’t take reservations but there is always a spot for you to enjoy your burger. They are closed on Mondays and open on Weekdays at 5pm. On weekends they open at noon till 10pm. 

Burgertrut, Hang 5, 3011 GG Rotterdam, tel: 010-2439800

I. love. markets. Stumbling around food, tasting, making pictures; I could spend hours on markets. So we couldn’t leave without paying a visit to the recently opened Markthal in Rotterdam. De Markthal is the first indoor market in the Netherlands with over 100 food booths with daily fresh products. It looks like a horse -shoe shaped arch and the ceiling is filled with lots of colorful flowers, plants and fruits.

It’s called THE foodwalhalla for the Netherlands. markthal-rotterdam-impressi19After dinner we stumbled across the Markthal (which was pretty close to Burgertrut) and were able to smell all kinds of food from miles away. 1799179_810590898997702_4471914646974419414_oIMG_0487IMG_0490IMG_0489IMG_0492Look at those purple brussel sprouts. Dutch, fresh & healthy products which look so beautiful!

Yep. And also Donuts.IMG_0486And ‘some’ cookies. IMG_0484

Luckily we had already eaten, so I wasn’t that tempted by those cookies, cakes & donuts. We got some raw, unsalted nuts and some special green tea at a local drugstore. On our way out, we stumbled across…

Arq instantly makes me very happy. It’s one of those working spots where you are pampered by healthy, veggie & vegan food. They have detox juices, smoothies, veggie burgers, quinoa salads, wraps, sandwiches, (ALL VEGAN) desserts and free wifi.

Oh and fries with vegan mayo.

Oh and the famous Dutch Weedburger,

Oh and vegan cupcakes from Heavenly Cupcakes, just saying.

Arq uses local, seasonal products which are mostly organic. Almost every dish is obtainable ‘vegan-ized’, so you have got so much to choose from! (pff..too much to choose from, too little time). Arq has 2 locations; one is located in the centre of Rotterdam, the other one is for take-away and is located in the Markthal. The take-away Arq sells sandwiches, smoothies & veggie burgers. 16739_682012398555460_6630541801497781930_nDSC_501710609433_691244680965565_7241402425713458988_n

Like you can read on the sign: ‘Badass veggie & vegan food’. Perfect description if you ask me.

Do I need to say more? Check their menu here, and start drooling over their awesome healthy (vegan) food.

Arq, Nieuwe Binnenweg 241, 3021 GD Rotterdam, tel 010 818 5999 or check out their take-away shop at the Markthal Ds. Jan Scharpstraat 298, 3011 GZ in Rotterdam. 

The next morning, we woke up with a stunning view, sunshine and this Champagne BreakfastIMG_0503The perfect end to a lovely weekend in Rotterdam. So, if you are looking for a fun city to explore and some vegan foodporn,

Well, you know where to go now;)



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